1 account with multiple phone numbers or 1 phone number covers for home phones and/or all family members’ mobile phones. All family members can talk each other with free of charge even if they live in different locations or different countries. Here are some situations:

  • You can register 1 account and buy 1 phone number or switch your existing phone number to the Extension-N VoIP, then setup some extensions for your family members, like 1 extension for parents, 1 extension for son, and 1 extension for daughter. When people dial this phone number, he/she will hear “press 1 for parents, press 2 for daughter, press 3 for son (the Extension-N can customize the greeting with $10 of one time charge, the standard greeting is free). There are 10 lines include in your phone number, so it allows you and your family members dial out and call in at the same time. All phone calls between extensions are free either.
  • You can register 1 account and buy or switch multiple phone numbers. Then when people dial your daughter’s phone number, her phone will ring. Only $2.99 per phone number per month. All phone calls between extensions are free.
  • You live in Canada, your parents live in other country, your son lives in USA. You can register 1 account, buy or switch your and your son’s numbers to the Extension-N VoIP, setup an extension for your parents. Then you can dial extension number or regular phone number to your son with free of charge and dial the extension to your parents with free of charge too. Your parents can dial extension to you and your son’s extensions and talk without any charge either.
  • You can buy or switch your mobile phone numbers to combine with your account and reduce your mobile phone bill up to 80% of your existing monthly bills.


Please read other features, click the “iSave” page to find how much you can save and the “Case Studies” to know how other families save their bills.