Most home owners are over paying their monthly bills!!!

Now, over 80% of home owners are using VoIP phone services instead of the traditional landline phone service. Most providers on the market are providing $15, $19 or $29 package for unlimited local calls or long distance calls to some specific countries. But check your bills to find out how many minutes you used every month. You will find you actually are paying the service you didn’t use! Click iSave to compare how much you will save if you choose the Extension-N VoIP services.

Remember: If the real rate per minute you paid is less than the market’s lowest rate, the provider may loss the profit and may go to bankruptcy soon!

The Extension-N VoIP provides you clear Business Class Quality for the voice and you won’t be disappointed, especially during high traffic time, like holiday seasons, Christmas and New Year.

Switch your home phone now to start to save. Click “iSave” to find out how much you can save monthly and yearly, and click “Case Studies” to know how other family save.


 Home VoIP Highlights


Home Phone Service Plan

Commitment:No Contract! You can cancel it any time.
Monthly Cost Per Phone Number$2.99
Multiple Lines In/Out10 Lines In/Out per phone number
Air Time Cost Per Minute (USA/Canada)1.4 cent per minute to Canada/USA (mainland)
Air Time Cost Per Minute (others)Check yourself after registration

-- Mainland China: from 1.60 cent/minute
-- India: from 2.62 cent/minute
-- Russia: from 4.88 cent/minute
-- France: from 1.95 cent/minute
-- Vietnam: from 4.90 cent/minute
-- Philippines: from 1.57 cent/minute
-- Hong Kong: from 0.93 cent/minute
-- Taiwan: from 1.97 cent/minute
-- Pakistan: from 10.89 cent/minute
Manage AccountManage Yourself
ExtensionsUnlimited, Free
Automatic Phone ReceptionistFree
SMS To Email, SMS ForwardingYes, 1.5 cent per text message
Caller IDYes
Caller ID Name Lookup0.8 cent per query
Payment MethodPaypal
DeviceNot Included. Any unlocked VoIP adaptor can be used in Extension-N VoIP