Questions About Accounts

Questions about account setting, payment, phone numbers, billing etc

Do I have to sign a contract or any commitment for register?

No, there is no contract term for the service period and it’s free to register an account. It’s for sure that you have to obey our standard service policies and rules.

What is the procedure to register an account?

Click the “Apply Online” link according to the guide, then fill up the application form. After register, you need to login to your account and transfer some money to your account either for buying a new phone number or switching your existing phone number to our company. For switching a phone number, we will contact you when we review your application. If you have any question, you can click “Support” link, fill up the form and submit it. Our representative will contact you within 24 hours mostly.

How to buy a phone number?

After you login to your account, make a payment from the Paypal, then you can click “Order DID Number”. You can select an available phone number from the listed cities and follow the instruction to buy a DID number. Each DID number will cost you $3.99 USD per month for business and $2.99 USD per month for personal mobile or home phone.

How to switch my phone number?

Please fill up the Request For Switch Phone Number Form in the “Support” page, then click Submit. Once we receive your request, we will email you the result within 24 hours. Most phone numbers in the mainland USA and Canada are available to transfer, including the toll free number. If it’s available to transfer, you need to send us the most recent SIGNED invoice provided by your existing phone company. Once we receive your documents, we will start to transfer your number. It may take 1 to 2 weeks.

How do I know my existing phone number is under processing for switch?

You will receive an email for every step.

How do I know if my balance in my account is gone?

We will setup the minimum balance for notification by email is $10, when your account balance is lower than $10, the system will send you an email to tell you how much the balance is now. If your account is business account and the monthly charge is more than $10, we will change the notification balance amount to the amount you request.

Do I have to make payment for the monthly basic charge?

No, all you have to do is to keep your balance in your account higher than the monthly basic charge. The system will charge from your account automatically at the beginning of every month. If your balance is lower than the monthly charge, there is a risk to loss your phone number, because the account may automatically be closed.

How to cancel my account?

It’s easy! You just delete your phone number is you don’t want that phone number or switch to another phone service provider. If there is no phone number under your account, then there is no service anymore. But the account will be always there.

How many phone numbers can be under 1 account?


Can I setup extensions for my relatives in other countries?

Yes, you can create unlimited extensions for using in any where if there is Internet with these extensions. It’s Free for extension numbers. No extra monthly cost.

Is it FREE for talking between Extension-N’s clients?

Yes, it’s free when one of our clients makes and receives calls from another our client, wherever you locate, it’s always free. It could be from different accounts in the Extension-N VoIP Ltd.

Is it free to get a data only SIM card?

Until now, most mobile stores provide free new SIM card when you sign a data only plan. This may change depends on the stores and mobile providers’ policy.

Questions About Configurations & Technics

Questions about SIP or VoIP devices configurations

Where to download the SIP for my computer and mobile?

Go to Page of “Support”, there are some 3rd party SIPs we have tested. Click the links, or go to the Google Play Store (Android smart phone), iTunes Store (iPhone or iPad) or Windows Store (Windows phone) to download and install. The icons of these stores are on your device screen and it’s free to download. Please note: some features need licenses with a little amount. You can find it in the Setting page of the SIP after installation.

How to setup my SIP account?

All you have to configure are:

  • Open SIP on your mobile or computer >> Select Manual Setup or Have Already An Account With 3rd Party Server >> Setting or Config >> Add Account
  • Select SIP type of your account
  • Account Name: Type any name you wish on your device. It’s not related to your account on our VoIP system.
  • Host (Name): the name we email you
  • User Name: the name we email you
  • Password: the password you select for your account
  • Caller ID: your phone number you wish to display on the device of another party when people receive your phone calls
  • Ringtong: select a tone you like
  • Check on the “Enable On Start” if you want the SIP starts to work every time after you reboot your device
  • Audio Codec Setting: select GSM and uLAW (G711u) for a free version, select aLAW (G711a) if you are in Europe. Only select GSM and G729a if you use a paid version which contains the G729a license.
  • Click SAVE, back to SIP Config or Setting Page
  • Got to “Connectivity” to make sure the “Keep Alive WiFi” is on.
  • Go to “Advanced” >> “Support Network”, make sure all boxes (WiFi, 2G, 3G, 4G) are checked.

After you save all your setting, you will see the SIP indicator is on (mostly is green color). Then go to Dialer of SIP (not the Dialer of your mobile phone) to make a phone call and receive a call for testing.

Important Notice: we strongly suggest you to DELETE the icon of the original phone Dialer on the screen (you can re-establish this icon from the phone setting in the future if you want) if you use Data Only Plan on your mobile, then go to Phone Setting (not SIP Setting), select the “Phone”, change the ring tone to “None” if your phone has it or change the ring tone to any unnoticeable sound, no vibrating. This is because even though your plan is data only, there is still a phone number assigned to your SIM card, and people may call this number. That will cost you $1.00 per minute if you pick it up. Also you won’t select the wrong dialer.

How to know a call is to my SIP or Mobile number?

The display of the SIP dialer is different from the display of the phone dialer. When people call you, a display will jump up on your screen. You will know the call is to your SIP phone number or to the regular mobile phone number. If your plan is data only plan, do not pick a call to your data phone number. That will cost you $1.00 per minute. To avoid this, try to get a brand new phone number (people never own this phone number before) when you purchase a data only SIM card from any mobile store.