The monthly packages for the mobile phones from current mobile phone service providers are much higher than any VoIP plan. But most VoIP providers can not provide this combination. The Extension-N VoIP can realize your dream immediately. With the Extension-N VoIP, you can switch your existing mobile phone number to the Extension-N under your company’s account, and buy a Mobile Data Plan only (SIM card) with a flexible plan (start from $10 for 150Mb per month in Fido) from any mobile service provider, like Fido, Rogers, Bell, Telus, Wind Mobile, T-Mobile, AT&T etc. You just install a mobile SIP on your mobile phone, setup account, then go to talk.

The mobile SIP recommended by the Extension-N always provides the options to only use under 3G/LTE or use the WiFi first when WiFi is available. All billing will be in 1 business account and can save up to 70% of monthly mobile costs.

Please read other features and the “Case Study”. To compare how much monthly costs you can save, please click “iSave“.