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Case 1: For Small Business (Self-Employed)

Mr. William is a contractor for home renovation in Toronto. His wife is his accountant and works full time for another company. His home phone uses the VoIP and costs $15.00 per month. He always is not in his office. Most time, he is on the client’s renovation sites or in the building material supplies or in his truck. So he almost never uses his business phone in his office (1 line VoIP phone costs $19 per month without automatic digital receptionist) and always use his mobile phone plan which is $60.00 for 1 Gb Data and unlimited voice calls. His average air time of last 6 months for his all 3 phones is 1889 minutes per month. His total cost for the phone bills is $94 + Tax.

Extension-N Solution:

  1. Transfer all business phone and mobile phone numbers to the Extension-N VoIP (monthly cost: $3.99 + $2.99 = $6.98)
  2. Ask Mr. William to change a Data Plan only for his mobile plan from his existing mobile service provider: Flexible Data Plan $10 with 150Mb, $25 for 1 GB, $35 for 5GB
  3. Free Digital Automatic Receptionist gives Mr. William the best business image for his clients. When the clients call in to his business phone number, the greeting is: “Welcome to XXX Renovation Ltd. one of the best home renovation company in X area. To Sales Department, please press 1, To Accounting Department, please press 2, To Customer Service for existing clients, please press 3.
  4. Setup 4 extensions for him. 3 extensions (sales dept, accounting and customer service) for business number and 1 extension for mobile number. Install all extensions on his mobile SIP. So if clients call the business phone number, press 1 after the greeting message, the line will connect to the extension on his mobile phone; press 2, the line will connect to the mobile phone of his wife; press 3, the line will connect to his mobile phone again. His mobile phone number will only for personal use.
  5.  The Air Time in Extension-N VoIP costs: 1889 x  0.014 = $26.45
  6. Total Costs: $58.43 + Tax [$25 (Data Plan) + $6.98 (Monthly Fee for 2 phone numbers) + $26.45 (Air Time for 1889 minutes)]
  7. Save With Extension-N VoIP: $40.19 per month, $482.28 per year, 62.16% of existing payment.


Case 2: For Small Business (4 people)

Sharon has an accounting firm in Mississauga Ontario and hires 3 employees. She pays $120 for her office (2 lines with digital answering system), but her clients always complain about that the lines are always in busy. She also pays $19 for her home phone and $$40 for her mobile (300 minutes voice + 300Mb Data). Her son is in Vancouver BC and his mobile is $35 per month (unlimited calls and reasonable unlimited data), Her husband’s mobile is $$40 for a share plan (300 minutes voice + 300Mb) with her. All long distance charges are $12 (between son and family). After checking all bills, the business minutes are 1560, home phone’s minutes are 352, her son uses 1230 minutes voice and less than 3Gb mobile Data (most in WiFi), her husband uses 230 and her mobile uses 240. Long Distance Call is 360 minutes. Total minutes are 3612 minutes. Total Costs Per Month: $247.00

Extension-N Solution:

  1. Transfer 1 main business phone number, 1 home phone number and 3 mobile phone numbers to the Extension-N VoIP (monthly cost: $3.99 + $2.99 x 4 = $15.95)
  2. Change all mobile plans to Flexible Data Only $10 with 150Mb, $25 for 1 GB, $35 for 5GB
  3. Setup Digital Automatic Receptionist for the business with 10 lines in and out. Her clients will no longer complain about the busy signal.
  4. Set extensions for all employees and for all mobile phones.
  5. Monthly Cost with Extension-N VoIP: $25 x 2 + $35 + $15.95 + $0.014 x 3612 = $141.52
  6. Total Save with Extension-N VoIP with tax: $119.19 per month, $1430.31 per year, 57.30% of existing bills
  7. And the family members can call and talk each other for Free, Sharon and her husband can use the mobile Data up to 1GB for each person and his son can use up to 5GB mobile Data under the above designed package. The business lines upgrade to 10 lines, not 2 lines anymore.


Case 3: For Mid Size Company (60 people)

ABC Company has 60 employees and 6 lines in with 24 extensions in Markham Ontario. The monthly fee is $456 plus long distance call to the USA/Canada $105. Company’s mobile phones cost $520 totally with 1GB Data and 3000 minutes voice plan for each phone.  Total Phone Expenses are $1081.00 + tax per month. After checking all phone bills, all company phone calls are 12000 minutes and all mobile phone calls are 20000 minutes. Total minutes are 32000 minutes

Extension-N Solution:

  1. Transfer 1 business line phone number and all 10 mobile phone numbers to the Extension-N VoIP and buy 2 new numbers (Monthly Cost: $41.87)
  2. Upgrade to 50 extensions with Digital Automatic Receptionist
  3. Monthly Costs With Extension-N VoIP: $25 x 10 + $41.87 + $0.014 x 32000 = $739.87 + Tax
  4. Save With Extension-N VoIP with tax: $385.48 per month, $4625.72 per year, 68.44% of the existing bills
  5. Plus the company phone system upgrades to 60 lines in and out and unlimited extensions. Also set some extensions in the company’s mobile phones. Any calls between mobile and company are totally free of charge.