Business phone system has been used the VoIP technology for many years. The Business VoIP services provided by the Extension-N VoIP Ltd are professional with high quality voice and lower rates. The Business Plan of the Extension-N VoIP is extraordinary different by comparing with most VoIP providers on the market.

Comparing most competitors with higher charges for extension numbers and virtual PBX systems, the business plan of the Extension-N VoIP provides chances to reduce much more telecommunication costs. Only $3.99 per telephone number is charged monthly plus the usage of the lower long distance rates.

How much cost will it be reduced? Click “iSave” to compare directly, and read the “Case Studies“.


The main features are listed below:

  1. Free Unlimited Extensions
  2. Multiple Lines In
  3. Free PBX
  4. Free Softphone SIP
  5. SMS To Email
  6. Combine With All Business Mobile Phones
  7. Music On Hold
  8. One Account For Multi-Locations
  9. Ring Groups, Callback, Failover destination, Call Forwarding
  10. 911 and 411 Support

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Business Plan:

Commitment:No Contract! You can cancel it any time.
Monthly Cost Per Phone Number$3.99
Multiple Lines In/Out10 Lines In/Out per phone number
Air Time Cost Per Minute (USA/Canada)1.4 cent per minute to Canada/USA (mainland)
Air Time Cost Per Minute (others)Check yourself after registration

-- Mainland China: from 1.60 cent/minute
-- India: from 2.62 cent/minute
-- Russia: from 4.88 cent/minute
-- France: from 1.95 cent/minute
-- Vietnam: from 4.90 cent/minute
-- Philippines: from 1.57 cent/minute
-- Hong Kong: from 0.93 cent/minute
-- Taiwan: from 1.97 cent/minute
-- Pakistan: from 10.89 cent/minute
Manage AccountManage Yourself
ExtensionsUnlimited, Free
Automatic Phone ReceptionistFree
SMS To Email, SMS ForwardingYes, 1.5 cent per text message
Caller IDYes
Caller ID Name Lookup0.8 cent per query
Payment MethodPaypal
DeviceNot Included. Any unlocked VoIP adaptor can be used in Extension-N VoIP
Setup Fee$25.00 for PBX only
Free for account setup